Preserve The Power To Heal

Your placenta has the ability to help others:

Placental tissue can help heal burns, wounds, traumatic injuries.

The healing power of placental tissues comes from the amniotic tissue layer of the placenta. This tissue can cover many types of wounds to aid in the healing processes without being rejected.

The amniotic membrane is the innermost layer of the placenta which nourishes and maintains your baby during pregnancy. Amniotic fluid is the liquid that surrounds the baby until delivery. Just as these tissues provide biologic and physiologic properties and act as a physical barrier to cover and protect your baby during pregnancy, they can be made into transplantable products that provide a physiological and physical overlay to support and protect an injury to the body.

Is placental donation safe?

There are no known significant risks to donating your placental tissue and fluid. The placenta is donated after the delivery of your baby. Your baby does not need your placenta after delivery.

The amniotic fluid is collected as part of the regular C-section procedure and is the equivalent to your water breaking. Your baby does not need this fluid any longer after delivery. Instead of discarding the fluid, you can chose to donate it.

A small blood sample will be drawn the day of the delivery. However, this will occur at the same time as normal hospital blood collection would and would not require an additional draw.

No additional surgical procedures are required for the donation. It all occurs within the scheduled C-section procedure.

Donation process:

Discuss your intent to donate with your physician.

If donation is right for you a registration packet will be provided to you.

This simple packet includes:

  • A Donor Registration Worksheet
  • A Donor Risk Assessment Questionnaire
  • Physician Physical Examination Record
  • A Frequently Asked Questions Sheet

Your completed packet is treated confidentially by our trained staff and used for eligibility.

Once your eligibility is determined, TFL staff will contact you to confirm your intent to donate and answer any remaining questions you may have.

A TFL staff member will be present when the C-section occurs to assist your physician with the placental tissue collection.

Your placental tissue will then be sent to a tissue processor to be made into products that will ultimately help others.

Help Another Heal!

Your placenta has ability to help heal another person’s wounds and injuries. Don’t let it go to waste! A single donation can help many people in need!

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If you plan on delivering at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center, and are interested in donating, please Contact Us and we will provide a registration packet.

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